Why use seaweed to fertilize your plants?

Seaweed has been used as a fertilizer for a very long time. The earliest recorded use of seaweed as an agricultural aid dates back to the Romans. Today, seaweed remains one of the best organic and natural fertilizers you can use to ensure your plants are receiving everything they need to grow strong and stay healthy.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of using seaweed fertilizer on your plants:

-Seaweed  provides a complete range of macronutrients (NPK), micronutrients in chelated form (immediately available) and trace elements allowing for ultimate plant growth and health.

-Seaweed fertilizer is made from sustainably harvested kelp, making it a great option for environmentally conscious gardeners and plant parents alike. 

-Seaweed contains natural plant growth hormones such as auxins (root growth), gibberellins (stem growth and elongation), and cytokinins (cell division in growing shoots). 

-Seaweed fertilizer makes a great rooting solution and can help prevent transplant shock.

-Using seaweed as a fertilizer can deter some pests and disease without harming people or animals. Some pesticides found on the market today are made with chemicals that can be harmful to people and animals.

The versatility of seaweed fertilizer and the many benefits it provides makes it a must-have staple for any plant lover.